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In truth we just like anyone who isn't like the social norm. We like men who make us feel like we're in the books we love.

I'm lowkey really fucking angry that Warner bros pulled this big ass publicity stuent just for an anniversary release like do you know how many people's hopes were up that they might have a shot at seeing their favorite band live and then it's all just a stunt to get us to buy a "previously unheard" version of Cancer and a couple old songs that we may or may not have heard before. Like honestly they should've been upfront with us from the get-go and told us what the fuck this was about

Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee ~ An adorable couple who married and had a son who looks just like his dad. Two special people who left us too soon.

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25 Signs You Grew Up With Disney

Sorry for all the Disney love

Sword art online - Kirito and Asuna gif -- She's just like 'OMFG HE'S KISSING ME OMFG OMFG OMFG, OKAY BRAIN, STOP CRYING AND KISS BACK LIKE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!' and then there's us fangirls watching just like 'FUCK YES, OTP, THIS SHIP HAS SO FUCKING SAILED!!!' --

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Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle Photos: Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle on the Set of 'Gossip Girl'

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Sno Ball Brownies just like the Hostess classic snack cakes! (You can also use green dye and jelly beans or M&Ms for Easter Egg Brownies!)

Feel like this when I'm out wit my friend. Hiding from everyone.. he is just like Danny!! Afraid on what they would say.