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Ed Sheeran |

Thumbs-up for the A-Team. Ed Sheeran�gives and receives an A grade during a performance on the "Today" show on July 12 in New York �

Ed Sheeran!!!!

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Thumbs-up for the A-Team. Ed Sheeran gives and receives an A grade during a performance on the "Today" show on July 12 in New York  

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran// this is one of the reasons i love ed sheeran? He dresses smart but puts a cool casual style into it 😌😘


Like the outfit. Love the shoes.

He is such a good singer

Ed wearing converse:):)

ed sheeran + converse


lovin the outfit Ed

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran.. whoa.. WHoa.. WHOA! Someone call the Fire department!! That place is probably on fire! This is one of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen of Edward Christopher Sheeran.. Mmmmmyeah

Whoa!! so hot here!! Ed Sheeran in Caption with his Black Leather Jacket. #Entertainment #Country #folk #Music #EdSheeran #AskaTicket

Ed Sheeran in Caption with his Black Leather Jacket. #Entertainment #Country #folk #Music #EdSheeran #AskaTicket #beautiful

I swear, this is the most attractive picture of Ed Sheeran I've ever seen.

Ed Sheeran in Caption with his Black Leather Jacket. I think I just died

Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran everybody! Sexy as all get out!


Edward Sheeran

Ed Sheeran <3

Ed Sheeran

Take your Goddamn 'Don't' and get the hell out of my life, Ed Sheeran. If I'd realised it was sung by you I'd never have listened to the damn thing!

I will marry you in a heart beat if you take me to an Ed Sheeran concert. Not even joking.

I just got back from the Ed Sheeran concert 5•13•15 and all I can say is that it was the most amazing show I've ever been to. It was one person on stage, a guitar, and a loop pedal. That was it. Never hit a bad note, kept going for (I think) 9 minutes straight for You Need Me with no rest. Ed uses no props, choreography, or outfits, for its unneeded. His talent blows everyone away without it. That's what a true artist is. Thank you Ed (: it was an amazing experience I'll never forget- Jackie x

OH MY SHEERIOS!!!! (if u were in ed sheeran's fandom u would know what 'sheerios is)

Ed Sheeran part Leprechaun/part increasingly gorgeous man

Ed Sheeran #lovehismusic. love his fender tshirt

Ed Sheeran looking so good in black n white

Ed Sheeran....hottie!

Ed Sheeran<3

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran tattoo.. just love him and his songs such a great person and a great voice

He's got pretty arms #EdSheeran #tattoos #guitarrr

Ed's tattoos are the hottest thing omg

Ed Sheeran/ Tattoo,s ♌

Ed's tattoos

Ed Sheeran!

Look at how sweetly he plays the guitar! | 18 Reasons Why Ed Sheeran Is Perfect Boyfriend Material

18 reasons why ed sheeran is perfect boyfriend material. I'm in love

Look at how sweetly he plays the guitar! Ed Sheeran, you so cute!

beautiful... ahhh i love that music video

Edward Christopher Sheeran xx

Ed Sheeran! So adorable!

Ed Sheeran is awesome

Ed Sheeran (gif)

LOVE #edsheeran

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran <<< Harry Potter post tagged with Ed Sheeran on a One Direction board. Hmm.

xD and this is one of the many reasons why I love him.

I knew I liked Ed Sheeran, now I love him!

Ed Sheeran in a cupboard like Harry Potter

The cupboard under the stairs

Ed Sheeran as the chosen one

Ed Sheeran, gotta love him.

Oh Ed how I love you(:

Ed Sheeran is my baby

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran.... A.k.a. The ginger Jesus a.k.a. THE MOST AMZING MAN IN THE WORLD!

#EdSheeran #Sheerios #RespectSheerios

Ed Sheeran <3 I love my gingers :)

Ed Sheeran my favorite ginger

Ed Sheeran <3 That smile.

Ed Sheeran, Ginger Jesus

Ginger Jesus: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran<3 genius.

Ed Sheeran <3

Ed Sheeran

It seriously disgusts me when people make comments about how ed Sheeran isn't gorgeous like 1D. Yeah, I bought the album to listen to his face. I bought it to listen to the voice of an angel, dummy. I think ed Sheeran is perfect how he is.

Wow... Ed is in a beanie... AMAZING. But now we don't see the orange...:(

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire -

Ed Sheeran..I absolutely love a man in a knit hat ❤️

#ImangieEdSheeran You went to a concert, Ed Sheeran for Valentines day(: & Ed said "cheer if your single!" Y/N: *screams* woooh! Ed: *laughs* your all my valentine is that ok? Y/N: Yes! Did I forget to mention you were in the front row? Oops well you are.. Ed: ok I wrote this's umm called "I Love You" After the concert~~ Meet & Greet~~~ Ed: *signs your CD without looking up at you* name? Y/N: oh it's Y/N. *smiles* Ed: *looks up at your eyes* happy Valentines day Y/N. *smiles* Y/N: You too Ed. When you get your CD back you see he wrote his number on it* Later that night you are on the phone together all night & he got pumped when you said your going to the next 3 concerts he has Y/H/T (your home town)...(#EdsGirls good? Bad? Advice/ideas?!)

Ed Sheeran, seeing him in Seattle tomorrow!!!

I think ed Sheeran is perfect how he is.

ed in a beanie.....enuf said

ed in a beanie? adorable

Ed sheeran


Ed of my musical heros.


Ed Sheeran = perfection

Happy birthday baby❤️❤️



Ed Sheeran

Tell her that she turns my cheeks the colour of my hair - Ed Sheeran <3

Ed Sheeran love his music! You need to listen to his songs.

Ed Sheeran aka the Ginger Jesus 😍❤😽🐾

EdSheeran looking Elegant in His Tuxs.

Ed Sheeran wrote our love songs..

Ed Sheeran - my favorite ginger

Art Ed Sheeran gingers-redheads

Ed Sheeran aka Ginger Jesus

Ed Sheeran <3

Ed Sheeran ♥

The debut album, Turning Point, from Starsailor frontman, James Walsh, features a soulful and emotional track list with a Sunday Morning feel – perfect for those easy-going bank holiday mornings. Picking up the pace, we’ve also got Ed Sheeran’s new track SING, on repeat this month. It was written by uber-cool producer Pharrell Williams, enough said.

Ed Sheeran is my absolute favorite singer and my biggest musical inspiration!

Ed Sheeran - Special Wedding Performance

ed sheeran's voice and lyrics. love him

Ed Sheeran... you're voice is a dream

Ed Sheeran's new album is too good.

Ed Sheeran. Great shot.

Ed Sheeran. Multiply.

Ed Sheeran<3

ed sheeran | Tumblr

Ed Sheeran is not just an amazing and one of my favorite musicians, he's also an incredible person. He has a lot of beautiful and inspirational quotes that cheer me up when I'm feeling low, he's truly inspiring and I'm so proud to be a Sheerio / Sheeranator! ♡

And so is “The A Team”. | 21 Cute Facts You Really Ought To Know About Ed Sheeran----- He is a beautiful human being

And so is “The A Team”. | 21 Cute Facts You Really Ought To Know About Ed Sheeran. True story about a woman he met at homeless shelter.

And so is “The A Team” :) Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran

“The A Team” Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran. Adorable.

Ginger Jesus

And so is ???The A Team???. | 21 Cute Facts You Really Ought To Know About Ed Sheeran


Ed sheeran. In. A. flower. crown. no. im. not. okay. don't. touch. me

Ed sheeran, wearing a

Ed Sheeran... Lovely soul! Amaaazing lyricist! :D

Ed sheeran with a flower crown!! 🙌🙌

Who ships me and Ed Sheeran? Ilysfm x


Ed sheeran flower edit lol

Ed Sheeran <3

Flower boy

Ed Sheeran please

Ed Sheeran seems like the type of man that would just look at you and make you feel like you're the most important and lovely women in the world. There's something so kind and genuine about him.

Ed Sheeran. Every time I hear his music, I get shivers. Love his voice and incredible talent.

Ed Sheeran, one of those guys who make you fan your face in hope to stop the hot flash♡♡♡♡

Ed Sheeran please stop biting your lip .....let me do it!

Ed Sheeran, one of those guys who make you a fan

Ed Sheeran's lip biting though.... :') ♡

Ed Sheeran close up

Ed Sheeran <3

Ed sheerio

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran... It's official: I'm I'm love with a hot ginger:)

Ed Sheeran #edsheeran #perf #ginger #cats #gingerjesus

Ed Sheeran - by far one of my favorite pictures of him

Ed Sheeran... My favorite ginger

My most favorite picture of him!

Should I make an Ed board guys?

Ed Sheeran. 2012

The Ginger Jesus

Ed Sheeran <3

Ed Sheeran.

{Ed Sheeran} happy birthday my little ginger Jesus. I hope you have the bestest birthday ever ever EVER! I love you with a burning passion. I would trade my sister for you. Happy 22nd, bud. ❤️

A Team. Drunk. UNI. Small Bump. And kiss me will ALWAYS be my favorite Ed Sheeran songs.

Ed Sheeran is so great (not really a quote but words sooo)

Ed Sheeran and his awesome songs. ;)

Ed Sheeran. Thank you Kally Palmer

I love Ed Sheeran! #edsheeran

Ed Sheeran Lyrics & Quotes

I'm team Edward (Sheeran

Ed Sheeran songs :)