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Macklemore, born June 19th, is a Gemini near the cusp of Cancer. Gemini's ability to communicate effectively and think quickly enhances any rapper's natural ability.

let the snare knock the air right out of your lungs; and those words be the oxygen, just breathe.

#Macklemore... Proud that I could rap all of Can't Hold Us way before the rest of the US went crazy for his music. #SharkFaceGang

Macklemore - for my peeps since you all ❤ this dude so much.

it's human rights for everybody there is no difference, live on and be yourself. (..) No freedom till were equal damn right i support it.- Macklemore

hello my new obsession. makes me piss my pants laughing in one song and crying in the next. Macklemore.

I have those shoes!!! baha ill add this to my collection of pictures of our pretend love filled relationship...a girl can dream.