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Justin Bieber. He treats his mom with true love and respect. Why can't every boy treat a girl like a queen??

  • Arian Abedi

    I can't believe you guys still support him after that shitty deposition, Here comes the second deposition, I know, Justin is never gonna get in trouble but you beliebers should stop supporting him no matter what he does.

  • Sara Pederson

    I'm living my life the way I chose to. If you don't like Justin, fine, but leave me and all beliebers out of it. It's our choice and we're all fine with it. We don't need your opinion.

  • Arian Abedi

    I hope you will be saying same words 5 years from now, I bet when you are aged enough to understand some matters in life you will look back and you will regret these years that you're wasting with worshiping a cocky little pop star

  • Arian Abedi

    You know what? You seem like a nice girl but guest what!! I don't care. Support whoever you want worship whoever you believe in, your life your rules. I just wonder would you still support him if he didn't have the look that he has now.?

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Cool Guy Justin Bieber Wears A Gas Mask While Shopping .. may help stop paparossi pictures

  • Halle Doyle

    Ok Tymea I've seen like 10 different JB pins and yr saying the same negative stuff about him. Will u please stop it! Nobody finds this entertaining. If u hate him so much, go write or book or something, cause I'm tired of listening to yr unnecessary comments on Pinterest. Do all of us a favor and stop please.

  • Halle Doyle

    Thx Adriana :)

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"Of course, I think that people are just waiting for that time when I make a mistake and they're gonna jump on it.... There's gonna be haters." -Justin Bieber

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Happy B-day Justin we luv u we will stick with u no matter what we've been there for u since day 1 and will stay till the end cuz we luv u and support u! ♥ #Belieber4life

Justin bieber hes like... naked. NO TATTOOS! D:

  • JaydaMarie

    People who luv justin Bieber Justin Bieber ✓ is his page

why can't I have you?

From so fetus to so mature! I wish he would just stay the way he is now forever! I love him so much❤️

  • Joni Vanherck

    Ongelooflijk hoe dat hij is opgegroeid , hij blijft even mooi alleen zijn karakter is wat veranderd ...