He's a real cowboy now. GRAMMY-winning country singer George Strait receives a Dallas Cowboys jersey from team owner Jerry Jones on Sept. 9 in Dallas �

Tony Dorsett, Running back Cowboys 1977-1987, 1x Super Bowl Champion 1977 Rookie of the Year 4x Pro Bowler 1x First-Team All Pro

Cowboys & George Strait


Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks

Tom Landry, former coach of the Dallas Cowboys, a man of class, dignity and worthy of respect.

Dallas Cowboys

Ed "Too Tall" Jones

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and Coach - Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. When the Cowboys were really the Dallas Cowboys and not the Arkansaw Cowboys aka: before Jerry (know-it-all) Jones. America's Team!!!

Dallas Cowboys

America's Team!!

Dallas Cowboys

i don't like the team, but gosh, even i have to admit hé's HAWT! The Hottest Guys of the NFL: Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Win or lose I support my Dallas Cowboys and wear my jersey with pride. And don't care what others half to say

Dallas Cowboys bathroom. Now whoever did this is a real Cowboys Fan She would never let me do this

deion sanders dallas cowboys | Dallas Cowboys: Apex Jersey, nfl 75th anniversary, navy version

My team is the best, fuck your team. This is why God created thanksgiving. Football, food, and fine cheerleaders.

X #Dallas #Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys!!!!