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Dr. John

The Allman Brothers Band. "The Allman Brothers Band combined deeply Southern strains of music — blues, country, and gospel — with boisterous rock & roll and their jazzy, jam-oriented style." (Rolling Stone)


B.B. King & Lucille (2008)

Dr John

John Lee Hooker....another one of those fine blues guitar players

Dr. John

BB King

https://www.facebook.com/BluesAdvocate/photos/a.236010893172088.42500.235963516510159/525130637593444/?type=1 Dr. John!

John Lee Hooker...Blues Man Who Could Make That Guitar Talk...And Wale With the Blues From Deep In His Soul....Oh, Yes, This Is Music!!

Dr John

John Lee Hooker... Because he's Bad like Jesse James

Dr. John

Sonny Rollins

Dr. John

Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles, 1968

The Beatles introducing Sgt. Pepper's album to the press at Brian Epstein's house. May 1967

Doobie Brothers


Stevie Ray Vaughan