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Richard Starkey. A.K.A Ringo Starr

ahhh!!! look at his eyes!! and the rings!!! and that rocking suit! and its in color!!! :)

Ringo Starr and George Harrison in Chiswick Park, 1960s.

Raquel Welch & Ringo Starr on the London set of the brilliant 'cult' film The Magic Christian. Raquel plays 'Priestess of the Whip'. Well, it IS an English film...KA

john and ringo | disco dancing | the beatles | dance | www.republicofyou...

James McCartney II (Paul duh!) and James McCartney III (the baby, duh)

a reminder that ringo is absolutely fabulous

These apples didn't fall to far from their trees. ♥ #beatles

The Beatles pose in Ringo Starr’s backyard, 1967. McCartney holds his sheepdog Martha, who would later be the inspiration for the song “Martha My Dear." (Henry Grossman)

When John Lennon was asked if he thought Ringo was one of the best drummers in Rock-and-Roll, he said (smiling) "Hell, he's not even the best drummer in the Beatles."