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My english teacher always has a quote of the day on his bored and it was this one today. I think it's perfect.

YES.i often get told to turn my music down because people call my name about 12 times before I look up and realize there trying to get my attention... Lol no joke just happened.

Music has a way of sending us to another wavelength. Music empowers us; makes me believe anything is possible, and I love that feeling. Music inspires me to think of the impossible, to hide my worries away and just jam out. Music to me is universal, not math; music can be sung in any language, even if you don't understand it. And to me that is the beauty of music.

a lot of people don't understand why I love this music so much. Its love ♥ This is a cool Pin but OMG check this out #EDM

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People don't seem to understand that. They think that I'm "Overly obsessed" with music and bands. They're wrong. So wrong.

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