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"I used to hate love songs. They all sounded cheesy, and cliche, and who the heck wants to listen to crying in song form? Well, I gained some perspective recently..."

I love the music I listened to when I was a kid...I indiscriminately listened to everything. I didn't wonder or care if the singers performing would like me in real life, I didn't need to relate to it, it didn't even have to make sense as long as I was singing along Music was pure and simply magical.

100% agree with this quote!; I agree as well, it not only shows you care, but words not even need to be spoken when time is what you give, memories of the times spent with loved ones who are no longer with us are memories, and nothing is better then beloved memories of our favorite people we wish we could spend time with still, ONLY if Heaven had a guest area, sigh...~RP~

from The 36th AVENUE

Happy Birthday to Me

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Memories! So true! One of my best friends and I don't really talk anymore since we moved up to the middle school

"Ultimately, I just want someone who knows which songs not to talk over." COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER.......