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Selena Gomez I HAVE THIS SAME DRESS ON IN A SCHOOL PICTURE FROM ELEMENTARY! Not that I care that it's Selena Gomez, but it's just cool to see other people had bad style too

Selena Gomez rocks a black bob wig in concert. Super cute!

Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

[Selena Gomez] ~iCaptain~ ;/( Land Of D , Eden, Utopia And Destiny); 'Planet'/'Harmony' , WeR-EarthJemz. T-Starz EarthFirstCrew. ~ ESS.EARTHSHIP-ENTERPRISE~

The always fabulous Selena Gomez. I see so much of myself in her! Maybe we're just soulmates...

This hair is great for an interview and working in an office. It is a very natural and clean look.