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Marriage (quote,life,love,lessons,sayings,thoughts)

I will protect and shield my husband.especially from family who just refuses to accept! To live these words is my testimony of true love!

Don't know about the heart of gold...But this is what I want to be for my grand children.   My Nana Has...

I miss my Nana everyday of my life and am so greatful that kylee has her Nana with her.

15 Second Kissing Challenge love love quotes relationships couples marriage in…

The 15 Second Kissing Challenge.definitely trying this, I do kiss my hubby everyday even if it's just a goodbye or he's home kiss, but not 15 seconds everyday, I accept the challenge, my hubby is gonna trip out when I tell him;

Appreciate your wife because it's not easy to be a woman!

I just took advice from a redneck and got her flowers and cleaned the house. Insert successkidmeme.jpg

We'll said Uncle Si, this is not man bashing or feminist rhetoric.just the truth from a man who appreciates his wife!

One day her prince will come....

Marry the guy who is your best friend. Marry the guy the loves God above anything else. For my beautiful one and only!

I still remember the day that you told me you could not wait anymore, heart felt like it was going to explode. Jan. 27, 2013 you told me for the first time you loved me and we had not even met face to face. I love you Jeff with everything I am and it is so comforting to know that you feel the same about me <3

My baby loves me just the way I am :) Irresistible Romantic Love Quotes For Him & Her. Lots of cute quotes that would be good for bedroom art

Prayers for your husband

Six beautiful Bible Verses to pray for your husband. He needs all the love, prayer, and support he can get from God and his praying spouse.

Wonder why over half of marriages end in divorce...? When things are broken, fix it! Don't throw it away.

Thank you for being there always! Marriage Quote - A strong marriage requires loving your spouse even in those moments when they aren't being lovable; it means believing in them even when they struggle to believe in themselves.