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We have a Toph. So accurate, I love it But don't forget Katara, Zuko, or, even though she's not a gaang member, Ty Lee!

the last fruitbender AHAHAHAHA best thing I've seen all day XD

. avatar - toph . by ~chocosweete on deviantART

hahahahaha some of my favourite moments! I love Toph and her complete sarcasm about her blindness ♥

Uh, no. Chuck Norris is the male TOPH.

The top picture is from a little show on Disney channel called Gravity Falls. It is quite possibly the best cartoon going right now and I highly suggest to anyone who is a fan of a pair of twins gong on adventures and humor and underlying mystery to WATCH THIS SHOW.

Cool Toph Cosplay (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)

"Kuvira's fleet doesn't stand a chance"

Toph hahahah miss this show... they should not have to note that she is blind, PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT!!!!!!

'When all hope of Katara/Zuko being canon was extinguished. Dark Horse Comics gave us a look at the first six pages of the graphic novel that fills the gap between the dearly departed Avatar series and the upcoming Legend of Korra.' Click to see the first six pages. (via BuzzFeed)

Past Meets Future Part 2 Pinned because of the comment about Toph's husband