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  • Mark Edgar-Evans

    Haunting Photos of the Hungarian Town a Toxic Sludge Spill Painted Red : "The Line" in western Hungary, where a retaining wall around a reservoir holding an aluminum company's toxic waste burst in October 2010, sending a million cubic meters of deadly sludge into surrounding towns and countryside.TreeHugger

  • Carla Rossitto

    a new series by Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészáros called “The Line” captures the result of the 2010 toxic waste spill in western Hungary, which killed nine people and forced thousands of people to evacuate. The unbelievable, un-manipulated images reinforce how bad the spill really was, with red scarlet tide lines staining trees and buildings up to two meters from the ground.

  • Awesome Blossom

    This photo looks like two images stitched together; above is a normal forest, and below, a strange, Martian one. But it's a single image from a single place and time — the hills of western Hungary, six months after a devastating industrial accident. In late 2010, the waste reservoir of a Hungarian aluminum oxide plant burst, releasing millions and millions of gallons of caustic red sludge. The meter-high toxic mudslide quickly moved downhill through two nearby villages, burying buildings, poisoning fields and killing 10 people.

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