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Etsyfrom Etsy

More Hot Pants Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Hot Pants - our hot pants, though wild for the 70s, were nothing like what chicks wear today. no?

Seventy years ago, the siren song of alcohol was the same as it is today: get drunk, forget how much your life sucks. I'm sure that Gordon's packed a hell of a hangover, too.

February 1945 in Manila: an American GI rescues an injured Filipino girl In February 1945, the Japanese forces in Manila defied their orders from General Yamashita to withdraw and in all just a little over 10,000 Japanese Marines and IJA stragglers remained in the city. These soldiers then went on a killing spree that spared no one and became known as the Manila Massacre (known to some as the Sack of Manila).

Laughing Squidfrom Laughing Squid

Vintage Ads That Promoted Dangerous & Unhealthy Products

How dumb were vintage ad creators?!? that's just wrong! Wonder how many infants' deaths were caused by these ads+ Young or Dumb Parents.. Here's Another of countless, Baby in Cellphone ADs from Du Pont Cellophane,1950's. by v.valenti