I want my hair this long. <3


long hair

long hair

loose bun


long layered hair

V-layered haircut - when my hair gets really really long i'll do this.

long blonde hair

Wish my hair was this long..

The Small Things Blog: Hair - she has soooo many different ways to fix shoulder length hair, super cute

Long waves

Wish I had long hair

<3 the color

Long Red Hair

layered long hair! Love!!!

You may look at this picture and think, “how would I ever style my hair to look like that”. The truth is, it’s not that difficult to achieve this hair style, and all you need to do is get to know your hair and its ways and figure out the best styling tools to suit your length and preferred style. If you’ve got super long hair like the girl in the picture, to achieve this look you want to opt for a large-barrelled curling tong to create big, volumous waves. If you’ve got shorter hair, opt for...

Long hair, I love this color

long waves

long layered hair cut