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"what are we having for supper?" ... "sandwich or toast"

Lol so true! yup the boys have bologna sandwiches in their lunches today.sorry really make me laugh.

Aunty Acid's Getting Older

I'm so old I can laugh, pee AND sneeze at the same time. Aunty Acid's wise words on getting older are now available for pre-order from our lovely friends.

Oh My Freaking Stars!: Carousel

there's a giraffe beside you.and you're being chased by a lion.what do you do.get your drunk ass off the carousel.

As I'm getting texts from him...oh yeah, the garbage!

Im very busy doing things. very busy. very busy. very, very busy.

Haha... I'm doing this next annoying telemarketer call..

So doing this! Next time you get an unknown number. Funny saying / phone prank / cards / humor

hahahahahahaaaa you do finally get to this point!

LOL this is so me. my husband thinks they walk over me but i'm over it.

Funny eCard - Taco Bell isn't real Mexican food

"Taco Bell isn't real mexican food" I know bitch, I'm not going there for authentic mexican cuisine. I'm going there because I'm broke and I like tacos.


Child: "Mom, can I have a candy?" Mom: "Did you brush your teeth?" Child: "Not yet" Mom: "No, then you can't have candy." (Child leaves room and finds Dad)Child: "Dad, can I have candy?" Dad: "Yes.