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  • Liza Conway

    67 Books Every Book-Lover Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10... Normally I wouldn't repin kid stuff, but ALL of my faves are in here! Someone please have some kids so I can buy them BOOOOOOKS

  • Amanda Muller

    This is great. 67 nerd books to read to read with your children. I want to read them myself!

  • Jenny Mitchell Smith

    67 Books to Read Before Age 10. Fabulous list.

  • SCCLibrary

    love this book list: 67 books to read to your kids before age 10

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67 books to read to your kids before they turn 10. Some great classics everyone should read. This is a great list! Not sure I agree with all of them for the before 10 bit, but it has many of my favorites, and some new ones I can't wait to check out.

67 Books Every Good Parent Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10. Or 67 books anyone should read anytime because they're just that great.

I think my first encounter with James and the Giant Peach was in 5th grade, when my teacher read it aloud to the class, and it hooked me on Roald Dahl. While I do love the original illustrations by Nancy Berkert, I'm also partial to Lane Smith's quirky versions as well. But regardless of which pictures accompany it, it's a fantastic story.

67 Books every geek should read to their kids before age 10 by Geek Dad. Not sure I agree with Junie B on the list, otherwise some great ideas.

67 books to read to your children before age 10. Great list. Happy to say that I have read some of them to my children already. We are always on the hunt for a new adventure.

A list of 67 books to read to your children before they turn 10. Great books on here. Totally making a list and crossing them off:)

This is a great list of books you should read to your kids. I agree with almost every one of these.

"Not many books of adult science fiction can appeal to kids. While the series is by no means aimed at grade school aged children, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card will appeal to eight and nine year old kids. They will relate to the small but tenacious Ender." via Wired