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  • Jamie Tobias

    Did you grow up in the 90s? Are you of the male persuasion? This gallery is for you! Check out these things that all 90s boys cherished!

  • Kevin Croce

    Super Soaker | Community Post: A '90s Kid's Christmas List

  • Tracy Belo

    Me against my bro best summer fun!

  • khoa nguyen

    I loved pumping this bad boy for some summertime fun in the sun!

  • Meredith Price

    Super Soaker was Daddy's favorite grown up toy! He would be working outside, then ring the front doorbell. We opened it and he would shoot us with that water gun! HA! Kid at heart!

  • Lisa Kinnear

    Easter gift one year, super soakers!!

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An old water pump. This was how we got water from the farm up on the "Adams farm" when we were enjoying time at the lake with the Cunningham Clan. There was no running water on either site but it didn't feel like "roughing it." I miss the experiences at the cabins with family. Everything felt normal and sane while we were there.

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Cold Drink....with a slightly rubbery taste! Remember when it came out warm at first.

Kids today have no clue what this is.My biology teacher in school wrote so many notes on this!!

"More fun than a Pillow Fight!" Haha 90's toys!

Hairdrying 1960s style - I remember sitting with the plastic bonnet on and you couldn't hear anything, lol!

Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!

Still have some :) Jr doll skirts, backpack purses and top it off with plastic barrettes for ultra coolness.