• Donna Brazil Rosario

    Kids Dentistree: National Teacher Appreciation Week!

  • Chaukeisia Alita

    Crayola crayon craft - great teacher gift!

  • Laura Mathew Mavity

    Crayon bowl...fill with candy, a plant, etc. You’ll need a glass bowl that is the same height all the way around (I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree), a few boxes of Crayola crayons and a hot glue gun. The fabulous thing about hot glue and glass, it sticks great and when you’re ready, it pops right off. Great for teacher gifts!

  • Renee' Stewart

    pintrest art parties for kids | art party Crayola crayon craft

  • cheryl cimino

    Teacher Gift Idea - Crayon Bowl - fill with candy, cookies, or a plant for a cute teacher gift

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How to make your own cloud! Fairly simply and very cool. :)

Tree branches made out of pool noodles and brown packing paper, and the "leaves" made out of green netting and gossamer hung from the ceiling with fishing line. Could maybe use green tulle and tissue paper? Not sure if it'd have the same effect though.

I may have pinned something like before, but it's a neat idea for some fun art. (Picture only, but pretty self-explanatory.)

How to build a working Lego candy dispenser, with step-by-step instructions. Fun!

How to make a portable Lego kit in a metal lunchbox. Very cool idea!

The bright colors are fantastic! I really want to make a few of these.

Simple artwork done with cookie cutters. Neat idea!

How to make origami Invincibility Stars. So cute!

Quiet time activities for young kids (she mentions 3 yr olds). I like a lot of ideas, and they're all in one list. I've probably pinned a few of these separately already.

"Treasure Chests" - little accordion books glued into small boxes, and on the pages can go whatever you like. :)

Mario levels in real life - awesome idea! My husband would probably want it to be more accurate, which would be more work, but it's such a cool idea. :)

Mini gumball machines made using mini Coke bottles. This is such a neat idea, and they seem fairly simple to make.

How to make a bead and chain bracelet. All photos with no real instructions, but it's easy to get the idea of how it's done. So pretty, and so many possibilities!

A list of button craft ideas!

How to make a Pokeball! I have no idea when I would need this, but it's a great tutorial.

RIT Dye color chart - lists the different RIT colors and shows what that color dye will look like on various fabrics. Great guide!

How to make a journal from scratch. This is a really neat idea, and they can be made with as many or as few pages as you'd like.

Tutorial to make a neat little Craft Stick Trinket Box. This is a good idea, can be personalized very easily, and it's useful. It's always nice when you can find a craft project for something useful. :)

Super easy way to make banners/garland using scrapbooking paper and string. There's a template that can easily resized and printed out, which is awesome. :) It's the main reason I'm pinning this one.

This is a really cool little art project! Basically gluing wrinkled tissue paper to a canvas, painting it, then going over all of it with an oil pastel (maybe a colored pencil or wax crayon). Would make a neat art piece, or a background for something else.

Little pieces of scrap fabric stitched together to make adorable trees. Neat idea for a card or small piece of artwork.

How to make a kid-size dome tent using hula hoops and bed sheets. Neat idea!

How to make a coffee/tea cozy from a sock. Love this idea!

Christmas tree wall art, using fabric scraps, ricrac, and burlap. Such a simple and cute idea. There's also an example with flowers for spring.

A quiet book for a little older child. There are some great ideas and inspiration in here.