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    Red Beryl -  ~$ 10,000 per carat Just like a ruby is really a red sapphire, the red beryl  is also known as a “red emerald”.  This incredibly rare gem, also referred to as “bixbite,”

    "Moussaieff," the largest Fancy Red diamond in the world. 5.11 carats,$7 million. Red diamonds are the most rare.

    Rare Pink Emeralds - wow. A pink emerald (or pink beryl) is actually morganite which is in the beryl family of gemstones as are green emeralds and aquamarine

    26100cts - World's Rarest & Largest Collector's Gem -Super Swiss Blue Topaz

    The Golden Eye Diamond: The world’s largest flawless Canary Yellow diamond. Its original uncut 124.5-carat state. This particular type of diamond - a fancy intense yellow - accounts for less than 0.1 percent of all natural diamonds, so you can imagine how rare one this size is. The gem was cut to a still-huge 43.51 carats and somehow became entangled in a drug dealing and money laundering ring in Ohio, which was busted in 2006. As a result, the unusual jewel became property of the U.S. gover...

    Annual Spectrum Awards - each year the American Gem Trade Association celebrates the skills and achievements of gem cutters. This Best of Show is by Dalan Hargrave and Stephanie Michael Young - a 125 carat spirographic cut mint green beryl with a concave pavilion and flat faceted crown.

    Blush Tourmaline

    Watermelon tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, a stone that fosters compassion and cool headedness, radiates the energy that attracts money, healing and friendship while stabilizing, grounding and reaffirming our Earth roots.

    Sapphire gemstone ring pink gemstone ring - praxis jewelry $32.00

    Purple Fluorite Crystal #gems #gem #metals #metal #rocks #rock #crystals #crystal #quartz #minerals #mineral

    A rainbow Ammolite- one of the rarest gems on earth.

    Image of FINE GEMSTONE: NATURAL BI-COLOR SAPPHIRE - 3.03 CT. with GIA | Lot #73116 | Heritage Auctions

    Morganite is the pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine. Morganite’s subtle color is caused by traces of manganese.

    Red Beryl - Utah

    Benitoite from Gem Mine, San Benito Co., California

    Oval Padparadscha Sapphire, pinkish orange, 6.93 carats

    Emerald Hollow Mine, Hiddenite, NC. Dig your own emeralds and other gems! Looks cool, something to try when the kids are a little older :-)

    Aquamarine Custom Cut Gemstones - Precision Gem

    Sapphire gemstone ring pink gemstone ring - praxis jewelry

    Tanzanite with no heat treatment and as the above photos show, the color change is strong when the crystal is viewed along a different axis.