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Red Beryl. The rarest form of beryl, other varieties of which include emeralds and aquamarines

Red Beryl on Antimony, Locality: Harris Claim, Wah Wah Mountans, Utah Size: small cabinet, 6 x 2.7 x 2.6 cm Red Beryl This is a superb red beryl specimen. It is considered by many to be one of the finest and most unique American mineral specimens in existence. Attribution: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Beryl (Emerald) with tiny quartz and muscovite crystals.  Nandu Min, Nandu village, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Aquamarine Cluster, SUMMAYAR,NAGAR-MINERALS-GILGIT-PAKISTAN (31) Minerals, Gem Stones: From the Land of Summayar "ChumarBakur" Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Pakistan Welcome to Sumayar Nagar valley Gilgit Pakista...

Rare Pink Emeralds - wow. A pink emerald (or pink beryl) is actually Morganite. The term “pink emerald” is not accepted by GIA as they feel that it is a misleading term. Both emerald and morganite are varieties of the mineral beryl. Morganite is a beautiful gemstone in its own right and GIA feels it should be referred to as morganite or pink beryl.

Green Beryl. This differs from emerald because of a lack of chromium.

Emerald Crystals. Chakra- Heart. Many benefits including, memory, discernment,epilepsy and much more.

Beryl - emerald with pyrite 4.02 carats / Mineral Friends ♥

Beryl: the stone of new beginnings, helps you see both sides of the issue, encouraging generosity, compassion, and forgiveness | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #beryl