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Harris Claim, Wah Wah Mountans, Utah, USA

Red Beryl. The rarest form of beryl, other varieties of which include emeralds and aquamarines

Red Beryl from Harris Claim, Wah Wah Mountans, Utah, USA [db_pics/new09mix/redberylharrismineutah.jpg]

Red Beryl from Utah. Red beryl is also know as Bixbite. Bixbite is a very rare form of Beryl.

Beryl (Emerald) with tiny quartz and muscovite crystals.  Nandu Min, Nandu village, Kaduna State, Nigeria

★ Beryl var. Bixbite (Red Beryl) from Utah by John Betts #Mineral

Rare Pink Emeralds - wow. A pink emerald (or pink beryl) is actually morganite which is in the beryl family of gemstones as are green emeralds and aquamarine

  • Kim Rix Photography

    Not hear of pink emeralds before. Where do they typically come from?

  • Jan Bond

    The term “pink emerald” is not accepted by GIA. The Institute’s experts feel that it is a misleading term. Both emerald and morganite are varieties of the mineral beryl. Morganite is a beautiful gemstone in its own right and GIA feels it should be referred to as morganite or pink beryl.

listed as ''beryl from columbia'' so that makes it an Emerald... Aquamarine is another beryl, Morganite (pink to peachy) is another, and Heliodor is a golden beryl.

Green Beryl. This differs from emerald because of a lack of chromium.

Faceted Red Beryl / Bixbite GMI is marketing the product as "red emerald," and touts it as one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Prices run as high as $10,000 per carat for top specimens. Most red beryl specimens are under one carat. A 2 to 3 carat stone would be considered very large.

Yeah- this isn't assembled. Shyeah. Uh huh. Like we're supposed to believe that. Sure, beryl. Next thing you're gonna tell us is that you're saturated enough to be called an emerald.

Red beryl, the rarest gemstone on earth (worth 1000 times more than gold by weight). Photographed by Robert Weldon