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    • Glenda Roslund

      Dog and Deer Playmates - A happy Rottweiler makes a new (and unusual) friend. See what happens when a dog and a deer meet each other through the fence, it was love at first sight. They may have their differences, but nothing can stop them from enjoying each other's company. This is so cute!

    • Niki Bone

      Faith-based videos with uplifting and inspiring messages. From cuddly puppies to cute kids, this is your place for faith-filled entertainment.

    • Jessica O'Mara

      Rottweiler Plays with Deer (Video)

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    OKAPI (OKAPIA JOHNSTONI) from Dem. Rep. of Congo ~ The okapi, the giraffe’s closest living relative, is like a shorter, stripier version of its cousin. Okapis have dwindled to the lower hundreds in recent years, due to poaching and armed conflict in the DRC. The okapi’s notorious skittishness has earned it comparison to the mythical unicorn, and rightfully so: The entire species managed to go unphotographed in the wild until 2008.

    Black Bear

    Absolutely Amazing Shot


    Zebras ♥

    Explorers once believed that the beautiful Okapi was a magical, mythical creature assembled from the best parts of the other animals around it. They are, indeed, very real, but nonetheless spellbinding.

    baby alpacas..

    Pair of baby possums

    A Rescued Baby Albino Porcupine ~ Enjoying An Apple Slice

    Baby meerkats

    cute baby koala.♥ Picture: Toby Zerna

    baby panda bear just beautiful

    Red Pandas

    I just love this Lil Stinker.

    and this is what my feet look like ...... :)

    Wyoming: Bull moose in the snow.

    Love Llama faces - so cute

    The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. - what an interesting lion, wonder if he's accepted amongst his own


    Baby cheetahs

    A barrel of monkeys :)

    baby elephant. Love that hair-do.