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This is a very clear and focused worksheet discussing silent letters in the English language, providing practice in identifying silent letter patterns in the most common English words, and correcting spelling errors in a set of sentences with silent letter words in them.

My students love this song. It is so effective for reinforcing the silent e rule. I made pictures and word cards and a sparkly e manipulative for every word pair in the song. They love to watch this over and over!

HAVE FUN TEACHING. Letter K Song - YouTube. ***Use to download ad free videos to your computer. Add ss after www. to direct you to the savefrom website.

Silent e Song - Preschool Prep Company This video is geared more towards younger children. These videos are great for the white boards.

silent students love this song. I have been using it for a couple years now!

Another awesome sneaky e song. This is Electric Company kickin' it old school!

Whatever you call it... silent e, mommy e, bossy e... this station will help your students practice the skill of adding an e to the end of words to...

Friendly letter song! (eency weeny spider

#22songs - Silent Letters ♫ by @gunnarolla

This friendly letter song would be a fantastic way to teach these skills and would fit with the habitat unit when students write a letter to an animal asking about its home.

I do this at the beginning of the year to work on name recognition but I really like how this graph is set up!

my kiddos loved bossy e! it really helped them understand the concept.