Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc. - One of the best Disney movies

this is my favorite kids movie on planet earth I would watch it every day if I could I also love the second movie they made best kids movie everrrr:)

Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.

Love this movie!

Beauty and the Beast, FAVORITE Disney movie. EVER.

The Rescuers

Monsters Inc

Day 18 Favorite Pixar Movie : Finding Nemo. This movie had it ask. Amazing animation, fantastic voice actors and a fantastic, original story. Not to mention that it is the most quotable animated movie ever!

One of my favorite childhood movies! They don't make kid movies like this anymore!

To infinity and beyond!


Great movie even if she was harsh about the Vols. Still have to respect someone that is loyal to their school. tv-movies-sons-star-wars-firefly-bsg-true-blood-ma


Love Boo in Monster's inc.

Just keep swimming

Finding Nemo