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LOL! kinda true. I always forget that Harry is the youngest LOL SO TRUE!! xD

How could you ever expect Niall to make food then not eat it himself?

Louis and Zayn switched positions.....louis is smoking and zayn is posing like louis would

Jeez.. It's true... With Niall eating loads of food, Harry being Harry, Zayn's obsession with looking at himself. and Louis being Louis.. well THANKS LIAM AND PAUL. Even though they are crazy I still love them <3

Liam Payne.. If only I could you, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn what you have all helped me through..

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One Direction & ZAYN on

Oh Harry.. Lol

That scene of the film actually wasn't scripted. Johnny Depp just was messing around and started singing 'I got a jar dirt I got a jar of dirt guess what's in it?!' And they kept it in.

I'm sorry guys but I laughed pretty hard since I watched the video he said that in and it was when Liam kind of shaved all his long hair until it was just a little left. I totally agree with Louis though