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You're awesome of you know what this is from!

Stephanie Ledoux and her art. I love the way she uses old paper as her base for her work. This is lovely and I will be giving this a try.

Love at first sight. Lollipop Trees print.

They're Animaniacs....Dot is cute and Whacko whacks....

I should have brought black paper on the airplane...Zentangle done with metallic colored pencils on black paper

At the beginning| love the one on the bottom right tho

Breaking Bad, Hyperrealism In Colored Pencils - I'd be more impressed with this if it was done from memory only. I can do images like this from photos, but that's only copying what you see. Drawing what you can't see takes imagination and the ability to remember and render detail accurately only from memory. THAT'S real skill.

Kecia Beltz Beltz Frazee Deveney with her work at a class with Anahata Neuman Neuman Katkin /papaya

When I was little I would occasionally get comic books at yard sales. Little Lulu was one of the funniest ones that I can remember finding.