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Gas Powered Snowboard | DudeIWantThat.com

Gas Powered Snowboard

Capitulo 2; pagina 25 <<Antes de abrir sus ojos, trato de recordar la orientacion de su cama, la posicion de la ventana y la forma de la habitacion el la que dormia...>> Martin estuvo tan tranquilo mientras dormia que se le olvido endonde estaba.

Space saving furniture for teenage bedroom design. Modern teenage bedroom furniture, new design ideas for small rooms.

EyeSee360 GoPano Micro for iPhone. Capture 360 degree video using your iPhone . #gadget #iphone

Very cool - The "EyeSee 360 GoPano" for the iPhone and The GoPano is a micro lens that simply snaps on your iPhone and enables you to take 360 degree panoramic videos!

CAMERing Takes Stealthy Photography to the Next Level - OhGizmo!.

"The camera ring. Perfect for low-key photography." AKA for when you see ridiculous things in public but wanna be subtle as you document it so people believe the story.or taking stalker pictures of boys.

Pump and Jump --- mobile homeless shelter   great idea for temporary emergencies.

Pump and Jump --- mobile homeless shelter great idea for temporary emergencies. Would also be great for catching a nap at the airport when you get stuck there - again!

Cool Gizmos And Gadgets (ShaanHaider.com)  .... wow, I could use these....

Funny pictures about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Oh, and cool pics about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Also, This USB Connector Is Very Practical photos.

Flying Hovercraft... runs about 300 thou. Who wants to buy me a Christmas present?

Is it a boat? Is it a plane? Well, sort of. this FLYING hovercraft which hits 70 mph and can go in the air is the ultimate millionaire's toy

Search: boat | OhGizmo!

Now this looks like fun =:^) EGO Compact Submarine (Images courtesy Raonhaje Inc.

The iBam 2 is a natural bamboo speaker for your smartphone | Ubergizmo

For those who are all about sustainability and going green, the iBam 2 bamboo speakers might be worth taking a look at. Designed for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy these bamboo speakers…

Wallquariums: The Wall-Mounted Fish Bowl is Perfect for Small Spaces


This has got to be thee coolest aquarium I have seen for the home, it's sorta like a hamster cage with the different tubes for the fish to swim through, I WANT ONE!

water bottle + attachment = watering can

Twist & Spout

22 More Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - FB Troublemakers make a plant watering bottle from old water bottles

BioLite Stove – Electricity Generating Stove. Read more at jebiga.com



Carpet Alarm Clock -- forces you to get up and stand on it to turn it off. Carpet Alarm Clock -- forces you to get up and stand on it to turn it off. Kind of ugly. but it would help me wake up.

@Arlene Columbus  The Canine Treadmill - don't hate, there are really good reasons for a dog treadmill. If you can't think of any, think of why there are human ones.

The Canine Treadmill - Hammacher Schlemmer This is just what every pet want's, not! Get outside and walk your dog people.

Transformers USB Flash Drive

Transformer USB Drive - If you loved playing with transformers as a kid, you will love this ‘Transforming USB Flash Drive’. Equipped with of memory and built to look like Ravage