Jack and Sally Couple Tattoo

The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos

Couple Tattoo

Dragon/heart tattoo. This would be amazing as my good vs evil tattoo!!

Couple tattoo idea

Couples tattoo

Possible couple tattoo to get with Tony. He would get Jack and I'd get Sally! We just need to make sure I'll always be a stay at home mom before I get a tattoo on my hand!

tattoo couple <3

nightmare before Christmas tattoos - aawwww me & hubby

Jack and Sally Tattoo

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i love this more than any couples tattoo I've ever seen

jack and sally tattoo - Google Search

Lace heart | cute-tattoo. Beautiful Tattoo Ideas... ::)

Couple tattoos

Beacause your relationship rocks! heart - rocks - music - couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.com

I want to get matching swallows with B since I believe the moment you get someone's name and or initials tattooed on your body you soon your relationship. It's a jinx, but I think the meaning behind the swallow would fit perfectly since we spent so much time apart and we always find out way home to each other.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo