Fun bath time!!

Awesome list of fun glow stick ideas with pictures!! Who knew there were so many fun things to do with them!?


fun-for-kids-rainy-day-crafts-activities-best-ideas-17: some really unique fun activities for the boys

Fun & Frugal Summer Activites for Kids. This will be fun for weekend parties or bbqs for kids

the best website for fun creative things to do with your kids and they show you how to make stuff with very inexpensive things!

Liam would LOVE this!!

COOLEST THING EVER!!! Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come!

Bath with glow sticks. Super cheap fun.

75 Things to do with your kids. Traditions they will remember. Someone wrote: "Best list I've ever seen! So many things I'd never heard or thought of!"

50 fun things to do on your Trampoline for summer

75 fun things to do with the kids in the summer.

glow sticks in the pool, great for night swimming

75 Kid Activities

75 Kid Activities

75 ideas for kids

glow in the dark bowling. How fun for camping or the backyard!

Outdoor Kid Fun! :)

Glow stick xylophone

Summer fun jars!! Beat the boredom blues~

fun things for kids ages 1-3