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Name: Spring Awakening D.O.B.: 3/30/09 Height: 15.5" Principal Components: Cocoa tin, clockworks, car window handles, hydraulic fittings, button......"fobot"

"Hootie" Height: 10.5" Principal Components: Chocolates tin, feeler gauge, watch faces, mints tin, candy molds, dial knob, vegetable steamer fin

Name: Willy Loman D.O.B.: 1/02/09 Height: 10.5" Principal Components: Lead flower frog, compass, watch spring, wrenches, aspirin tin, brass heart

Name: Bananadanna D.O.B.: 8/14/11 Height: 12.5" Principal Components: Mixed nuts tin, sprinkler head, wrenches, oil lamp burner, clock gear, spring, hydraulic fittings, brooch, erector set curved girder (tail)

... Catherine the Above Average ... Amy Lynn Designs ... principal components: hair dryer, camera, oil lamp part, cake decorating tips, flexible hose, button, jello molds, hydraulic fittings, brooch, electrical plugs