Laundry room with folding counter, simple cabinets and TV to watch while folding and ironing.

Organized laundry with brick backsplash


Great idea for a small laundry room by queen

love the hanging area

this is genius!

i like the folding "table" area, the extra hanger storage - needs to be taller to "hang dry" certain items.

Sliding Barn Door

Muddy feet and pet wash in the laundry room. Trendspotting at Kings Chapel Parade of Homes

This would be and fit perfect in the nook if we move the laundry upstairs. It nicely hides the Washer and Dryer, has a spot to fold and cabinets to keep supplies.

Laundry room

Dog Bath in the Laundry Room.

Love the utility sink and laundry room combo. Per prev.pinner: Look at all that storage space! Oh how I dream!

Laundry Room

I think laundry rooms are too often a missed opportunity for crazy colors.

gorgeous laundry rooms

Add a counter over washer and dryer and drawers in between!

What?! Replace your curtain rods with swing arm rods to open up the room and allow more light in. Windows appear to be bigger than they are, too :) How have I never heard of this?! It's like shutters in drape form!

traditional top-loading washer & dryer set-up...shelf hides utilities but gives place for containers of Laundry Room products!

laundry organization