• Nicole Ditta

    pink flower tattoo ideas on arm for girl – best choice tattoo for sweet girl

  • Tara Le

    Pink flower tattoo with no outline...i love watercolor tattoos

  • Online CDL School

    no line tattoo #ink #Tattoo #Art

  • Aggie Drelich Smith

    Women’s arm’s pink rose tattoo | Tattoomagz.com › Tattoo Designs / Ink-Works Gallery › Tattoo Designs / Ink Works / Body Arts Gallery

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Water Lily, Art For Life Tattoo Studio / Petri Syrjälä, #tattoo


Water lily canvas art

Blue Lotus

Pink Lotus - tiny veins in the petals

Lotus/Water lilly - fantastic shape

colored lotus with black accents

water lily tattoo

The lotus tattoo

Lotus Flower tattoo - coloring so that it is broken up

Watercolor style lotus tattoo

Blue Lotus (just like the tintin comic)

detailed lotus tattoo


stunning lotus! immaculate detail!

rose - I would like my lotus to have detail like this

maybe sideways like this would be a good idea, for flow


40 Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower  Tattooed by Javi Wolf

Up close: The tattoo reveals exactly why tatoo artist, Mark Mahoney, is a celebrity favourite

Black Lotus.

the detail on this red lotus flower tattoo is what I am looking for

nice lotus

the vines are really pretty; cool body placement