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Lt. Michael Murphy was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2005 after leading a four-man SEAL team on a reconnaissance mission, according to a Navy report. After coming under fire from approximately 50 insurgents, Murphy knowingly exposed himself to enemy fire so he could transmit a signal requesting immediate assistance for his team. Murphy and two of the other SEALs died in the firefight, though the fourth member, Marcus Luttrell, survived.

Korean War Memorial, Olympia WA - Tragic that not much was taught in school about this war. We can change this with our children and grandchildren.

Navajo Code Talkers - HEROES of WWII. These amazing, intelligent, BRAVE warriors helped turn the tide of the war and were on missions with the Marines in the Pacific. Their code remained unbroken. Our hackable technology today could never live up to that standard. They did a great service for this country (their country truly) and the world. And they protected us with the very language they were forbidden to use and beaten for during the EVIL boarding school times! These warriors did what…