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Make your very own lace shorts. I would wear mine under many a' too short dresses.

Easy breezy summer style: crochet maxi skirt, cardigan, layered jewelry & flowing skirt. For the BEST summer fashion trends in jewelry, clothing, & accessories FOLLOW now

Lace pockets. Thinkin on my bib overalls would be cute. Also as patches on the knees.

DIY Lace Shorts! I'm going to do this with all of my shorts!

I've got the shorts and the lace now all I need is to actually do the project. Lol.

#DIY Scallop Hem Skirt. Here's are the instructions for the "paper method", BUT I'd really recommend that you use the LARGE SCALLOP STITCH in your Baby Lock Sewing Machine. Instructions are in most of the Baby Lock Inspiration Guides, AND IT WILL QUICKLY give you a crisp, finished-look scallop edge.

DIY: Lace Shorts. I love these can someone tell me did she use a pair of gym of shorts? would it be easier to sew lace on than white jean shorts?

i would probably butcher this but might as well pin for others who might not

DIY Shorts and Lace GREAT way to repair...and you can do this on knees, thighs, almost where ever there is a hole! :) best too, if you have reclaimed lace from another project! :)