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    • Michele Stopera Freyhauf

      Happiness is a Warm Space: Enchantment as Feminist Virtue by Amy Levin. Art can provide a balm for the modern soul – Claude Monet Living in New York has its vices, and anxiety-triggering space is one of many. Though the city offers ailments just the same, whether they are in the form of meditation or medication, I’m beginning to believe the statistics delineating just how much more anxious us city-dwellers have become. But once in a while you catch a break.

    • Michele Stopera Freyhauf

      Jewish Weddings: Identity, Desire, and Anxiety by Amy Levin. As a Jewish feminist, I’m often critical of marriage. And, as a 26-year old (this month) who attended Jewish camp, leadership/environmental programs in Israel, and was active in Jewish youth groups growing up, I’ve been frequenting my fair share of Jewish weddings lately. These occasions bring me joy, nostalgia, and an overall reminder in the beautiful power of ritual and ceremony.....

    • Michele Stopera Freyhauf

      Liberalism as Feminist Religious Tradition: Friend or Foe? By Amy Levin. Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving – Elizabeth Cady Stanton Whenever I find myself in conversation with a liberal skeptic who assumes that the existence of a liberal Mormon or Catholic is about as likely as aliens walking the planet, I do two things.

    • Michele Stopera Freyhauf

      Deepa Mehta’s "​Water" and Homegrown Indian Feminism by Amy Levin. In the first scene of the Deepa Mehta’s 2005 Indian film Water, a father tells his eight year old daughter, Chuyia, “Child. Do you remember getting married? Your husband is dead. You’re a widow now.” These are some of the last words Chuyia hears from anyone familiar to her, as her condition abandons her in an ashram for Hindu widows to spend the rest of her life in renunciation.

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    In this post I interview Lyz Liddell, Director of Campus Organizing at the Secular Student Alliance.  I first got in contact with Lyz about the idea of building a Humanist Center at my school, Claremont Lincoln University.  She was very helpful and inspiring.  I then had the pleasure of meeting her

    Given modern perceptions of Sappho it is, I am sure, going to seem at a minimum counterintuitive that early Christians would have had an interest in Sappho.  The issue is not helped by the fact that a story about Saint Gregory of Nazianzus ordering the burning of Sappho’s poetry has been frequently

    The healing face of Feminism hovers just out of sight behind your shoulder, but is still always there for you, whispering encouragement and guidance whenever you doubt your own sacredness. Or maybe She has always faced you, bold and strong, with the features of an ancestress or hera pushing you to a

    I threw Catholics under the bus at a book reading. I didn’t mean to and, as a former Catholic, I felt awful about it. I was promoting my novel, Painted Hands, about dynamic, successful Muslim women in Boston. During the Q&A, someone asked why I’d converted to Islam. Pressed for time, I explained tha

    “A woman can spin a primal umbilical rope within her womb through which she passes life-energy to the future.” –Melissa Raphael “In some indigenous cultures of the Americas there is the practice of finding one’s death song while alive. This song becomes the ally of the person throughout their lives,

    When I was little my mother use to always tell me to “stand up straight.” It is probably because of my mother’s plea that one particular bible story became one of my favorites. It is a story that comes from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 13.  In this story Jesus heals a woman who had […]

    Feminism has a “brand”? A recent contest – still running, if you want to get in on it! – asks for suggestions about how to “rebrand feminism.” The contest has corporate sponsors. Saying that although feminism “has brought us the right to vote, drive and have our own bank accounts,” it is nonetheless

    Each month, I focus on one of my Holy Woman Icons with a folk feminist twist, highlighting the often unsung stories of feminism’s heroines: Virginia Woolf , the Shulamite, Mary Daly, Baby Suggs, Pachamama and Gaia, Frida Kahlo, Salome, Guadalupe and Mary, Fatima, Sojourner Truth, Saraswati, Jarena L

    Sometimes I feel angry.  I would say that more often I’m upset, disappointed, annoyed or just plain frustrated.  These are easier emotions for me to handle because I tend to shy away from confrontation and conflict.  Of course, when they come up I can deal with them but I’d rather put time and energ

    Websites run by Muslim scholars typically offer advice columns for those seeking legal rulings and religious guidance on personal concerns. One young Muslim woman wrote to a site about her doubts that wearing hijab was connected to being a good person. The gist of the opinion was that wearing a head

    As I contemplate the state of our world from the rhetoric of shut-downs to stand your ground, from the self-righteousness of political discourse to the dogma of ecclesiastic pronouncements, and from the justifications for political inequality to the explanations for ecological disregard, I wonder wh

    October 11th was International Day of the Girl – a movement that empowers girls around the world to see themselves as powerful change agents. This year’s theme is “Innovation for girls’ education.”  Certainly, this makes sense given that education is one of our most powerful resources – just ask Mal

    This week the Islamic pilgrimage or Hajj was completed.  For those not gathering on the dusty plains of the desert in Arabia, we have the celebration of the Feast of the Sacrifice, commemorating the exchange of a lamb for the blood of the son of Abraham.  This story is coated with patriarchy, and so

    The prolonged debate around feminist subjectivity and religious participation continues to evoke much compelling discussion in academia, political arenas, and public space. There have been a number of academic studies around the intersection of gender, religion, and migration, specifically on how ge

    When I said in my response to Carol P. Christ’s comment that on one level Goddess spirituality and Buddhism are about the same thing, I am afraid it could have sounded shallow. What I wanted to express is that for a Goddess adherent, the primary goal is not to go through death and be reborn. […]

    At least since the days of the Desert Mothers in the 4th and 5th centuries CE, there have been women in the Christian tradition (and doubtless other traditions) who have lived lives in religious solitude, whether by choice or circumstance.  In Medieval Europe many churches had anchorholds, small enc

    In an earlier blog, I suggested that women might have blown red ocher around their hands to leave their marks in prehistoric caves. At the time I thought this was a rather bold suggestion. Had I been asked why I thought the images were made by women, I might have said that people have understood cav

    We live in a very small and connected world that at the same time is a very large and disparate one. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the news available of the things that occur all over the world, to which I have such quick and easy access online. It makes everything feel so close […]

    What is a feminist mother of four daughters to do these days?  Look at our media and how girls and women are portrayed to our daughters, teens, and young adults. Then take a look at how media portrays the face of feminism, promoting every negative stereotype out there.  As I scroll through the magaz

    The Visit I came here in order to lie in the sand on a sunny day and feel the warmth the way it lifted me weightlessly we were one the Earth and I seamless she pressed her face to mine, I ran my hands through her and we streamed with timeless happiness I came to […]

    For the Love of Gaia by Jassy Watson

    (Femen)ism? by Kile Jones

    Your Body is the Body of the Goddess by Marie Cartier

    Do Women’s Circles Actually Matter? By Molly Remer