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    • Kevin van Whye

      She stared at him, not speaking or moving, but words were not needed. The dark streaks down her cheeks from her eyes told everything... something had happened to her lover on that battlefield...( dark elves are going to have tatoo like markings on them)

    • The Bard

      Tara Ha'Narr, an elven bard who was part of the Northern Lights adventuring company. Also one of the fated Seven Women Sindel had seen in his visions. Sindel rescued her from the Northern Lights when the two parties clashed and she joined Second Chances in the early exploration of the Temple of Zinaa. She was later killed in the mists of the labrynth and replaced with a Doppleganger from the Order of the Faceless.

    • Makala Louisella

      Uberqueren, or cross, basically are a breed, or race of elf/humans. Their face resembles softer human features as a regular elf would have sharper more defined feature. Their ears and size are the only features that separate them from a human. Seen as repulsive, they are banished from most towns. But there are still few tribes that roam. Their eyes are always pale and the same with their hair, which comes in long trestles.

    • Sümeyra Agköpür

      Surrendered by Anne Pogoda - elf, elfes, elves - Art of Fantasy

    • Alaina L

      Surrendered by Anne Pogoda - elf - Art of Fantasy

    • ONEHEART ♥

      Fairies don't always like to be followed--

    • ~Myriad Moods~

      Eleven Girl. Elf fantasy art. Elves

    • Marin Parker

      Pink hair, elf girl, silver eyes

    • Jaime Eduardo

      DE OOC/ Character Sheets

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