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"In This House" Wall Decor

"In this house, we do second chances. We do grace. We do I'm sorry's. We do mistakes. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do family. We do love.

Painted Wood Rustic Photo Box - What Are You Doing - Cream

Painted Wood Rustic Photo Box - What Are You Doing - Cream

What are you doing the rest of your life? North, south, east & west of your life

You guys I wish this is was us slash true. @Ali Stillwell @Lauren Johnson @Alix Duffy @Rachel Koppes @Jennifer Rose @Gina Hagerty @Caitlin Northcote @Jasmine Eoff @Erika Lhmkhl @Hannah Elizabeth

Wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, mondays were fun, junk food didn't make you fat, girls didn't cause so much drama, guys weren't so confusing and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow. by

These beautiful, made to order photoboxes feature sentimental, meaningful quotes on your choice of wood. Pick the color and create a truly unique, custom work of art that can be hung in your own home or given as a thoughtful gift.  Dimensions:  20”W x 20”H x 2”D    Visit our sale on these items this week at www.belleandjune.com and enjoy 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

Maritime Blessing- Here's to tall ships. Here's to small ships. Here's to all the ships on the sea. But the best ships are friendships.Here's to you and me.

Just breathe.... Leave it in Gods hands!

Sometimes all you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out FOR THE BEST. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

Today You are You Dr. Seuss vinyl wall by madebytheresarenee, $8.99

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