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"The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity." __George Carlin

Pause ~ Butterfly at Rest - ©Elicia Bolton (eliciaire)

Pretty little butterfly.Please check out my website thanks.

butterflies! I would rather see them while they are living but they are still beautiful.

The Small Green Awlet (Burara amara) is a species of hesperid butterfly found in Northeast India and Southeast Asia. The Small Green Awlet ranges from India, (Sikkim eastwards through Assam), to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Hainan and South Yunnan. It is crepuscular, that is, it is active primarily during twilight (i.e., dawn and dusk).

☀A BIT OF EVERYTHING ~ UN PEU DE TOUT..... by rachidmiliani1

Momma, i love you. Grandma, I miss you. You will always be the butterfly that rests on my shoulder.

Mostly butterflies (but there are other insects among them, here).

butterfly sipping nectar from a texas wildflower | photo by minerva..