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3 Stunt

Stunt Crew

Crew Flies

Fear River

Cape Fear

Iron Man 3

Movie Trailer



Behind the Scenes of Iron Man 3: Stunt Crew Flies over Cape Fear River

Beautiful Works

Beautiful Cape


Actual Geography

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Outlandish North

Mini Canvas

Brother'S Keeper


"Fear". Cape Fear River at Raven Rock.


The Arc Reactor behind the scenes…

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Avengers Bday

Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr.: How they made the Arc reactor in Iron Man's chest look real. This is crazy and very impressive.

Cruise Morgan

Tom Cruise

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Complete B Roll

B Roll 2013

Morgan Freeman Movie

2013 Tom

Dhs73 Follow

Oblivion Complete B-Roll (2013) - Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman Sci-Fi Movie HD

South Carolina North

Carolina Georgia

Usa South

Downtown Riverfront

Bridge Downtown

Fear Memorial

Memorial Bridge

Nc Cape

Davis Photography

Wilmington NC - Cape Fear Memorial Bridge & downtown riverfront (A. Davis photography)

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Behind the Scenes of Mean Girls


How winning is done.

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This Man

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Great story, I've heard it told a couple of times. Hope it's true!

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

127 Times

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Behind the scenes shots.

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Lord of the Rings - Behind the Scenes - Giant Minas Tirith Model

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Actors and crew having fun on set

Knight Heath

The Joker The Dark Knight


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Heath Ledger Joker

Ledger Batman

The filming of the last Joker scene.

Anorexia Recovery

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This is perfect. Regarding the actress that played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and her having anorexia. For the misinformed-(Pardon the language in a few spots)

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Historical Fiction for Teen Readers and Parents via #reading #teen #parents #YAlit

Harry Potter facts…

Harry Potter facts…

Harry Potter facts…

Number 8

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Interesting Harry Potter Facts

Harry Potter Fun Facts-for all the Potterheads out there :) these things just make me fall in love with the potter series over again. Number 8!

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haha funny, i thought the same thing


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Must read for Moms,

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One of my favorites

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1

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Fun Potter

Harry Potter Fun Facts

Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1-- So, If James and Lily are soul-mates because of their patronous, Harry has a stag and Snape has a doe so wouldn't that make them sould-mates?? ;) I would adopt berry any day if I wasn't looking after my twin cats Fred and George!!!

Wilmington Spring

Wilmington Boardwalk

Wilmington Riverwalk

Carolina Wilmington

Wilmington Place

Carolina Live

Sweet Carolina

Carolina Coast

Town North

Wilmington, NC ~ Beautiful ♥