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  • Florence Mullot

    Penelope #movie #poster

  • Kori Robinson

    Penelope. This is such a cute film! they really don't make moral tales like this very often. Great movie for teen girls who need to learn to love themselves!

  • Ally

    Penelope. A great feel good movie. (plus James McAvoy)

  • Sally Thornton

    Penelope. A weird fairy tale where Christina Ricci is born with a pig snout. James Mcavoy is the love interest and I adored them both.

  • World Weaver Press

    A fairy tale in its own right, I loved this film so much I can't believe I forgot about it! Penelope

  • Breanna Renae

    Penelope - Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. The visual artfulness of this movie is amazing. My favorite movie right here!!

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I blame my love for weddings on my parents letting me watch Father of the Bride when I was young. I used to tell my dad to save up because I wanted a wedding just like hers (:

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Penelope. Love James McAvoy in this. I love this movie!

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Penelope ♥ this movie!

Penelope, one of my faves

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All Julia Roberts movies are awesome! She is one of my favorite actress!