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  • Gabi Pettit

    biggest dog in the world, english mastiff named Zorba. Okay....that's a big dog!

  • Chelsea Updike

    huge dog! Neapolitan mastiff

  • Barb Allen

    Analysis: Thanks to some clever Photoshop manipulation, the dog pictured above (which is actually a Neapolitan mastiff as near as I can tell, not an English mastiff as claimed) looks roughly twice its natural size. It's an obvious hoax. It is true that back in 2001, Joe Flynn, owner of a 282-pound English mastiff named Hercules (see photo), was told by the Guinness World Records folks that his was the world's "heaviest" dog at the time. This is not that animal.

  • Sharon

    Holy cow. Hercules, an English Mastiff is currently known as the biggest dog in the Guinness Book of World Records, weighing in at 294 lbs (133 kg).Visit: -►* Colours Of Life *◄-

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Mastiff These dogs have big hearts, not big energy. So long as your space is large enough for a Mastiff to comfortably move around and you’re up for a daily stroll, a Mastiff will be good in your home. Be prepared for a big head in your lap each time you sit down. Gentle giants indeed. Depending on your size preferences, you can choose from a few sub-breeds, such as the 100-pound Neapolitan Mastiff all the way up to the 200-pound (or larger) English Mastiff, like the one pictured at left.

English Mastiff ... by Claudio Gennari , via Flickr, Gentle Giants

english mastiff...i will have 1 of these dogs before i die. The only breed i am totally in love with!

ENGLISH MASTIFF- my Seamus will look like this Mastiff

I need an English Mastiff.

13 month old Butters is a female fawn English Mastiff

English Mastiffs are the best pups ever! If its not a mastiffs its just a dog :)

Beautiful English Mastiff.....looks just like our sweet Miss Clover!

So, luv English Mastiffs! I miss my Bella & Duke. www.worldlydogs.c...