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    DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery is a 100 year-old family blueberry farm now in it's 4th generation, that naturally grows all the best CERTIFIED big bearing-size blueberry plants without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our family also grows other 100% natural Non-GMO organic berry plants including: red raspberry plants, black raspberry plants, blackberry plants, aronia black chokeberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, thornless raspberry plants, cranberry plants, currants, gooseb

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    • Aramis Hernandez Cartagena

      New Jersey blueberry picking season - June 20 to August 10... I will be there picking again...just like every year

    • Kate Winzler

      Organic, farm grown 4' blueberry plants from DiMeo Farms in NJ. Great prices, many varieties to suit your location. We are adding these to Boo's (our miniature long haired dachshund) berry patch at the TWG this spring.

    • Charise White

      Extended Blueberry Picking Season with DiMeo Blueberry Plant Varieties & Blueberry Plant Types. BLUEBERRY INFORMATION! IMPORTANT!

    • Michelle Brown (On Brown Croft Acre)

      DiMeo Blueberry Plant Varieties & Blueberry Plant Types. $10 per 3 year old plant. Minimum of 5 plants. Also have raspberries. and thornless raspberry variety.

    • Heather Blehl

      Extended Blueberry Picking Season with DiMeo Blueberry Plant Varieties & Blueberry Plant Types

    • Cindy Hornyak

      DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery is a 100 year-old family blueberry farm now in it's 4th generation, that naturally grows all the best CERTIFIED big bearing-size blueberry plants without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our family also grows other 100% natural Non-GMO organic berry plants including: red raspberry plants, black raspberry plants, blackberry plants, aronia black chokeberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, thornless raspberry plants, cranberry plants, currants, gooseb

    • Adam Neils

      DiMeo Blueberry Plant Varieties & Blueberry Plant Types 1.5 y/o to 6 y/o

    • Lilliah Allen

      Maybe buy blueberry plants from here...

    • N

      $10 organic blueberry bushes.

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