Mysterious.... I have no info on why this fish hat swimming cap extravaganza is happening!

Sonja Hesslow.

Vintage bathing Cap. ☀

Synchronised swimming with luggage

Here's look'in at you!

Models wearing swimming caps, 1950s.

tutus and top hats

something fishy - jimmy lawlor

Gaby Herbstein swimming cap

Daria Petrilli - Un chapeau de poisson. Fish Hat, fish hat, Rollie pollie fish hat

Zodiac Man (15th century)

Animalarium - Lindsay Carr

Rabbit man (who looks more like a hare, by the way)

Julia Geiser | Louise Brooks

1952 ad for Nylon swimwear. They need to bring this style back as I would wear it!!

lou lou

Bauhaus Fish by Klee

Love how 2 texturally different items are composed together in this design. Shape wise they are similar, so it creates an interesting design compare and contrast idea.

awesome collage

Being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth. EMBRACE your "you" ness. <3