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    Muhammad Safak originally shared this post to Amazing Places to See (Discussion): north pole sun moon More photos from Muhammad Safak

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    Have you seen this photo going around with this description: "Sunset at the North Pole. This is one of the rarest pictures that you will ever see in your life when the moon was closest to the earth. The date the picture was taken Thursday, the 13th. of March 2011." Wonder if it's true? (Apparently, it's not.) One way to find the origin of an image is to drag and drop a photo into Google Image search. (It's a pretty awesome feature that can show you all the places the image exists on the web... You're often likely to find the creator of the image pretty quickly that way. If your browser can't drag & drop, you can also paste an img URL or upload the image right into the Google image search bar.

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    sunmoon images - Google Search

  • Rosa Vientos

    La luna y el sol desde el polo norte

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    #Sun #moon #NorthPole #Photo

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    The North Pole | Beautiful Places to Visit

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    Amazing Nature photos 2

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