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Broccoli is known to be helpful in preventing colon, breast, and prostate cancer, along with many other types

Seasonal bounty-Green fruits and veggies prevent cancer. They are also good for the circulatory system and have good vitamin B and minerals. The vitamin K in green foods also helps with vision, and with maintaining strong bones and teeth. Some of the yellower green veggies help to prevent cataracts and eye disease, as well as osteoporosis.


12 Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention

12 Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention - Breast Cancer Center - Everyday Health These including BROCCOLI, GARLIC, APPLE, POMEGRANATES, FISH, FLAXSEED, SOYBEANS, ORANGE FRUIT/VEGIE, BERRIES and GREEN TEA. All are my favourite! YAY!!


Eat More of These 25 Foods and Lose Weight

25 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

The antioxidant & anti -inflammatory properties of olives make them a natural for protection against cancer. Research on whole olives & breast cancer have noted the triterpene phytonutrients in olives, have been shown to help interrupt the life cycle of breast cancer cells. Olives can help us avoid this dangerous combination of chronic oxidative stress & chronic inflammation. #dherbs #healthtips via

8 foods for cleansing your colon naturally"Let's follow each other so we can share all the GREAT stuff here." Christy Tusing Borgeld

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Eat the Rainbow

Eat Green Chlorophyll: Good Sources: watercress, leeks, arugula, parsley Benefits: Present in virtually every green plant food (even pistachios!), this may decrease the risk of liver cancer. Apigenin and Luteolin: Good Sources: celery, parsley Catechins: Good Source: green tea brussels sprouts, broccoli Benefits: Found in cruciferous vegetables, these help purge the body of potential carcinogens.

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Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos

10 Powerful Food Combinations You Should Be Eating {}

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Tuesday Ten: Foods That Beat the Blues

10 Foods That Beat the Blues

Top Foods that Boost the Metabolism. Great list of expert-recommend foods that help burn fat!

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24 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier

For how to store all your healthy foods.

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Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds Fight Heart Disease & Pumpkin Prevents Cancer

Pumpkins can prevent cancer, and Pumpkin Seeds fight heart disease! Pumpkins aren't just for fall and Halloween anymore.

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Real Food FAQs: You Asked, We Answered (Part II

The Dirty Dozen - You can lower your pesticide intake substantially by buying organic when possible for the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables.

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17 Tricks To Help You Eat Healthy Without Even Trying

One hour of food prep on Sunday = healthy eating so easy you don’t even think about it.

Complementary flavors map. Beautiful and useful.


9 Totally Under-The-Radar Superfoods

Watercress: Great for reducing breast & prostate cancer, one daily dose of watercress can decrease your white blood cell DNA damage! There's SO much more! Watercress is a good source of carotenoids, maintaining eye & skin health. Also, rich in vitamin A, C & E, folate, calcium, iron. It's low in calories & 85% of watercress’ caloric intake is protein! Thank you

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

Healthy snacks