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This is exactly how I need to make my grocery list every week.. Now I have a printable to use!!

A menu planner that you can customize, but all the choices are pre-picked. Awesome(:

Printable grocery list - I need to do this! I keep forgetting stuff every single time I go to the store!

I feel like posting my Daily Page was like publicly outing myself for some seriously un-diagnosed OCD. But hey, it made me feel great to know that there were several people, all across this chaotic planet, that would now be organized and hydrated partly thanks to moi. The ironic part is that one of my 5 goals for yesterday was to

meal planning (and a free download!) | life in yellow. What a great idea...I do like to organize my list by store layout, but this is a good way to make sure I'll have all of the ingredients I need.

grocery list. must make something similar!

3 Decorating Conundrums Solved With Kraft Paper

Printable grocery list organized by section/department. Brilliant! This baby is totally getting laminated.

this is a piece of scrap wood soaked in a tea bath to get an older vintage look. ..two old rulers, screwed to the top and the bottom. they hold the paper in place but the bottom one also serves to tear a clean line. iron towel rack added the iron bar to the top. the paper roll is from lowes. its the paper in the paint isle.

Free Weekly Grocery List printable. Never walk back and forth thru grocery market isles again! And never forget your coupons upon checkout either! Super simple & cute too! ~Lulubell Elaine~