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Hart to Hart -Casal 20

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Hart to Hart

Little House on the Prairie

Hart to Hart.....LOVED THIS SHOW!


Casal 20.

Remington Steele

'Bewitched"Elizabeth Montgomery wore a lot of pretty day & shift dresses. Plus, she is my mom's long lost twin sister!

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" - Will Smith, James Avery and Janet Hubert-Whitten. 1990-1996.

top 20 love songs of the 80s - is it sad that I still want someone to make me this mix tape?

Dark Shadows - then

Robert Redford <3 This is a classic, The Great Gatsby and he does supurb acting here along with Mia Farrow. I met him when he was directing The Legand of Baggers Vance..on Jeykl Island. My mother called to him, " Mr Redford, Mr Redford..Yes? :) We are fans of yours. He stopped his cart when I went up to him and told him we love his movies and he reached out and gave me a warm and hearty handshake! Thank you! Its nice to meet you! :) Very warm and said Thank you again as drove away.

Police Woman

coloring book: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. by MidCentArc, via Flickr...Loved this TV show! Robert Vaughn was my favorite!

Seriado: As Panteras.1976 a 2011. Série de televisão norte-americana, que traz três belas, corajosas e inteligentes mulheres que trabalham na Agência de Detetives Charles Townsend comandada pelo misterioso chefe que jamais aparece, apenas passa as orientações por meio de um viva-voz.

TV shows of the past


Roy and Dale Evans--There was something so natural and warm about them.

The Monkees Go Mod