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Wolf Play, like all brothers they always play fight eith each other but will always have each other's backs in danger

wolves - yeah I already pinned it but love both photos - so both are staying! deal with it!

I Love wolfs!!! There like my favorite animal. But we must understand that wolfs like any creature are wild. So we can't just think that wolfs are any other dog. They are wild and beautiful creatures that we must have a healthy respect of.

I love the one strong enough to run with me. Wolf love fiercely protects us from harm and keeps us wild ️LO

SPEAK OUT! Help PROTECT Wolves From State-Led Hunts! Gray wolves have made gains since being reintroduced in Yellowstone, but their position is tenuous to nonexistent in the vast majority of their former range. Despite this, the Obama Administration announced plans to strip wolves of their federal protections. Please lend gray wolves your voice so their recovery can continue! PLZ Sign & Share!