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Tinkle Targets. Awesome!

Tinkle Targets Potty Training Aid for Boys. Who knew potty training could be so much fun? These floating targets not only encourage little boys to stand and go in the toilet, but also help them develop their aim! But do you have to wash it?

I will soooo be using this idea!!!

another smart parent.letter from the tooth fairy regarding a dirty bedroom! -- Not the exact wording, and not always from the Tooth Fairy, but definitely a good idea for the future messy room boy : )

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Make Family Movie Night a Drive In

Make cardboard cars for your children and have an indoor drive in movie! This would be a cute date night idea!

So cute!! Website where you take a picture of your child sleeping, upload it, and pick a Tooth Fairy to stick in your picture. Proof that the Tooth Fairy was at your house!!! The site also has Santa and the Easter Bunny

Lost a Tooth today - Tooth Fairy picture. Take a picture of your child while they are sleeping after they lost a tooth. Then, go to this website where they'll put the "tooth fairy" in the picture with them! I'll have to remember this one day!

Best potty training idea... Potty training plus pre-writing practice (dry erase…

For boys Best potty training idea. Potty training plus pre-writing practice (dry erase marker) with better stability while sitting by himself and no splashing accidents for boys.

20 {off the hook!} Mommy Son Dates

How do you invest in your son as a mother? You need to spend quality, one on one time with them. Here are twenty totally awesome mommy-son date ideas for you to try with your guy!

upcycled end table into lego table

We can so do this when he moves up to legos! make a "lego table" from an old/cheap night stand . very clever! Love this idea! When my kids were little, we had TONS of Legos - great storage solution!

10 Creative Photo Ideas for the First Day of School! Take one every year on the first day of school with what they want to be when they grow up. See how they change through the years.

Every school year take another picture and watch the changes. I will try and remember this idea, when I have kids.

Potty Train in 3 days sure this will be helpful someday

Potty Train in 3 days sure this will be helpful someday. Hey I potty trained 3 boys by myself because my husband was self conscious , I wish I could've done anyone of them in 3 days.

"Wash & Brush" Timer. Light is green to go and blinks red when you can stop. For hand washing (20 sec) & Teeth brushing (2 min). Good idea.

"Wash & Brush" Timer -- green light flashes for 20 seconds for washing hands or 2 minutes for brushing teeth so kids know when time is up.good idea for my 2 & year old who thinks brushing teeth/washing hands for 5 seconds is enough!

Behavior chart

AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! Country Charm: Our Discipline System AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! Country Charm: Our Discipline System was last modified: October…

Best Ever Potty Training App:

The 5 Biggest Potty Training Mistakes

Free and lots of features like a timer to remind us it was time to try again and short little games with the kids' favorite Disney characters that they got to play when they were successful. SO thankful we'll only go through this one more time!

New parents don't know how easy it is to get free diapers online. All you have to do is sign up and your instantly entered to win! It's easy and 100% free.

Moms really win free diapers for a year! A different mom is chosen every week and you can enter as many times as you like! It only takes a few minutes to register and won't cost you a penny.

potty training - broken into 6 steps, takes 1 dedicated week

How to Potty Train a Child

How to Potty Train a Child in 7 Days. Recommended child is months old. I started this with Nathan at 16 months. He potty trained very quickly.

Disney Movie Nights!! Themed Dinners followed by the movie!! 10 movies featured on this post. Such a cool idea... Josh and I would so do this for a date night.

Themed Dinners before the movie! 10 movies featured on this post. Such a cute idea for family nights :P