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How to Sharpen a Punch... link for the How-to:

SHARPEN A HOLE PUNCH~ Round or shapes, you can punch aluminum foil that's been folded several times, or a chunk of an aluminum pop can to sharpen your hole punches.

How to sharpen or lubricate your punches

Lubricate punches by punching wax paper--sharpen by punching aluminum foil.

DIY TIP~ HOW TO SHARPEN PAPER PUNCHES~ Foil & wax paper! Great help when making invites, party supplies, confetti for cards, etc.

Hone Scissors With Sandpaper Original purpose: Smoothing splinters. Aha! use: Sharpening shears. To hone dull blades in a pinch, just snip a piece of sandpaper a few times. Reward: Scissors cut paper.

Make your own doilies - tutorial is in french, but the photos give you what you need. Great find by way of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!!

By Mary Ellen Stites. How to make a long narrow decorative strip for a sentiment. Cut cardstock the width you'd like. Feed one end through a scalloped square punch. Line it up nicely. Then feed the other end through the same punch, making the strip whatever length you'd like.

These are just gorgeous. Would make great gifts, centerpieces and nice anywhere in the house. - Martha Stewart