“And then… After they had ripped out half her pages… they turned her… into a movie! (vintageanchor.tumblr)

Library Story Room...wow.


children's story


Great survival-love story, GREAT GIFT for Valentine's Day! 5 star review! Share in the adventure!

i'm a nerd.


10 Reasons to Love Reading

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

That's amazing

true story - this is often how I feel... lost and alone, missing my book...

My entire summer...

horror - Librarian Hell!

Library Theft...Library Humor


The King of Horror.

This happens to me all the time.

portrait of the artist as a young girl. Gemma Correll, this could have been me too, only a blonde, being sent to my room gladly, because there was always a book or an art project or cat waiting for me!

I'm suffering now